Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Back... Kindof

Good evening everyone,
Sorry I was falling behind a with a few things due to work and all... but I'm back i hope lol. wow its been along time. Today we welcomed home an Airman an Hero... TSgt Campbell. He was KIA'ed on 15 Dec 09 in Afghanistan. My prays will be with his family and friends through this Christmas. But whats new with me huh??? not much working for a full bird Col. and enjoying life the best i can. Hope all is well with everyone else... MARRY CHRISTMAS all and an HAPPY NEW YEARS if i can't get on before then :).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip home

Well sorry about the time between the last two posts but it has been busy. My trip home was great. I had two great nights hangout with a friend. I had a great time hanging out with my sisters and there kids. It was all great. Well this week I have found out that I will be moving out off my office to sit at a front office spot until the airman returns from a deployment. So I am looking forward to that. I also ran a 10K yesterday in 40 mins and 16 sec. but some how pulled my hamstring today running 2 miles. And I got coined by a chief on Monday also on Monday I got free tickets to the Indy 500. But all is good with me hope all is good with everyone else.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ups and downs

Ok today I am going throw some ups and downs. last night I was on face book and saw a lot of people with status from my high school and friends with a status as RIP Dale. So after some searching around I found out that everyone was talking about who I think. Dale was a friend of mine we went to high school together and we also worked together. He die in a car crash on Saturday morning. The car didn’t look like it was in good shape after words. So I would like to say RIP Dale. So with the ups this week I am going home next week. I can’t wait. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. So I don’t have to much to say at this time I will give an update on my trip home some time next week. So god bless everyone and have a great Airforce day everyone

Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Year Ago

As I sit here and think about this pass year I think of the hard times, the fun times, and the stressful times. Well one year ago at this time (1834) I be leave I was in the air flying to San Antonio TX for the most interesting 6 weeks of my life. Basic Military Training for the US Air Force. I remember sitting on the plane trying to think what it may be like. Yea quick note my father is a Vietnam Vet so he told me story’s about how basic was like when he was going through it. Then I remember how it was getting off the plane in TX then getting to Lackland AFB then I remember some things that happened when I was there but I also remember the people. Then I left Lackland after 6 and a half long weeks. And I ended up at Keesler AFB in the great state of Mississippi. Yea now there is two states I don’t care to visit again in my life but knowing fully that I very well could. But I was going to Keesler for 3A training. A job the US Airforce picked for me. So I had the greatest teacher of all time when I was down there. So I graduated out of Tech School after a fun 8 weeks I was at Mississippi for about 10 weeks in total. So then I was stationed at Wright Patterson AFB. And that is where I am now. It is an ok base but a lot of civ’s around. And now I have learned a lot and understand a lot more about life then I did before I enlisted. But it has been a good ride so far and I have had fun all and all. So here is to one year active duty Airforce. HUA!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sitting on my bed and thinking

Well I was sitting on my bed tonight and just thinking of this blog. Wow it has been a little bit since I was able to up date everyone on what is going on with me. Well where should I start? Ok well this last week I have been on BO which is Bay Orderly which sucks a lot all we were doing were picking up cig. butts and the thing that gets me is I don’t eve smoke so yea I didn’t like it one bit but after all I did join the US Air Force and I guess I have to do what I am told no matter how much I don’t like it. Well I ended up buying another car. Ok maybe it was a truck ok fine it is a piece of shit truck but the hillbilly express runs. She is a 89 Ford F250 and has a 94 Ford 7.3 diesel and I paid about 1900 for her. And yes I do have two cars now lol. My best friend left today for OTS from here so good luck sir. And I wish you the best as you open join the army. For me I am falling for a great friend who is stationed at Fort Meade and she is active duty Air Force. And you know who you are ;) That is it for now so every one have a great night and I will post some more stuff later and if I find out how to post picture I will post pictures of my truck. So everyone have a great night and a great few days so until next time bye y’all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Testing and Congratulations

Ok I have some great news and some greater news. Well let me start with some great news I… PASSED my CDC’s so now I just have to do some OJT (on the job training) then I would be getting my level 5. Ok now I would like to move on to some greater news. My sister had her first child on 2 Feb 2009 J J yes I am an uncle again. Little miss Rylee showed her face after about 29 hours on 2 Feb 2009 at about 0800. I am so happy that everything went some what smoothly but y’all know with all joys there has to be downs and lucky the downs here is just the long time it took her to show her face which is a very pretty face. If you would like more information feel free to contact my mother (airman mom) because I don’t’ have much info. But also if you where trying to find out why airman mom hasn’t posted anything for a few days that would be why she has been with my sister and brother in law helping out around the house and anywhere they need anything. I love all of you and have a great Air Force day everyone.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


WOW I was going to test today I was ready to test today but base commander decides to close the base for the 2nd day. I was ready to test and everything. Alwell life has to go on it will give me a few more days to study. So I guess I will be keeping my head in some books for a few more days. God bless all of you and remember about our brothers and sisters who won’t come home. And keep praying.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Congratulations, Good luck, and Happiness

Today I was informed by Airman Terpening a very close airman/friend of mine that his OTS board is tomorrow and I would like to say GOOD LUCK sir. You will be just fine after all my self and airman Johnson did spend about 3 or so hours shining your shoes so you will be just fine. Good Luck to Airman Johnson as this chapter of your life is slowly closing on you with your discharge but opening a new and exciting chapter is in store for you. Also good luck goes out to my brother who is deployed for a very short deployment but good luck anyways bro. Now with the happiness hey ‘Eri Bear’ only a few more days until your newest part of your family is here for you to hold. I would also like to say happiness too my self because I am almost done with my CDC’s (I hope) but now with the Congratulations, Congratulations to my ex-girlfriend with her new chapter of her life she is starting with an engagement. I guess that falls under all three that are above Congratulations on it, good luck (in a good way) on your new chapter and happiness if your happy that is what counts. Also good luck as Airman Risco (Newbie) had some teeth removed your doing great but stoned lol. Also good luck to all that is has deployed is deployed and getting ready to deploy. I know I am forgetting a few people and I am sorry about that but you know that I am thinking of all of you tonight and all of my life. So great job everyone and good night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought of the day 24 Jan 09

Tonight I was sitting here listening to the song ‘Have you Forgotten’ by Darryl Worley. And I have a question for everyone have you forgotten about 11 Sep 2001 because I haven’t. I can still show you the seat I was in when we where told ‘hey you want to see what happens when technology goes wrong.’ I still remember those words coming out of my tech teacher’s mouth. And I remember how shocked I was when I heard it was all an attack on us. Us being not only the United States but all of the free world counting Canada, England and other country’s. and now I ask for you to take this moment out of this day and think about ‘where you were when the world stopped turning on the September day’ Alan Jackson (an other great song about 11 Sep 2001) but take this moment and think about that then think about how often you pray to god for the soldier’s, marine’s, airman, and seaman who has said I will defend this great nation that we call the US. And remember we are all volunteers no one has ever told us we had to!!!!! And how about doing this one airman a favor and not pray for me but pray for the ones be hide the lines the one’s who are taking the war to the ones who wants to kill us pray for them and think about them all day long. And thank god such people live. And always remember if you know someone over in the sandbox or even anywhere besides home write to them because one little letter saying thank you can go a long way’s. And I would like to say thank you to everyone who has said that to me. I think this is good for tonight. I am going to go pray for my brother’s and sister’s now, so god bless all of you. And good night.

Friday, January 23, 2009

23 Jan this past week

Let me start out by saying thank you everyone for posting support. This week hasn’t been an easy one what so ever. I test next week for my level 5 CDC’s so most of my life is being taken up by them. Then my girlfriend of 7 months broke up with me. Then just a few min’s ago a very good friend of mine who I kind of like told me that she is getting out for med reason. But thinking about it, this week could have been a lot worst the only thing I can say is I still can drop down and thank god for everything that he has done for me and everyone around me. We were the lucky ones to be free and to get to do what we do when we want to do it. And I thank god for that. I will try and keep the venting down for y’all but sometimes I may and I will say sorry now also one last thing I am very random when it comes to this stuff. Remember god loves us all and he well always even if he doesn’t show it! Have a great night all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little About Me

Hi all, I am new to this and I got in to doing blogs because of my mother. Her blog is Airmanmom. I am 19 years old active duty Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB. I don’t know what all you want to know about me I don’t even know what this blog is going to be all about besides heroes and me besides that I don’t know. I am 3rd generation military and my brother was also in the Air Force. I don’t know what else to say at this time. Have a great day all.