Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought of the day 24 Jan 09

Tonight I was sitting here listening to the song ‘Have you Forgotten’ by Darryl Worley. And I have a question for everyone have you forgotten about 11 Sep 2001 because I haven’t. I can still show you the seat I was in when we where told ‘hey you want to see what happens when technology goes wrong.’ I still remember those words coming out of my tech teacher’s mouth. And I remember how shocked I was when I heard it was all an attack on us. Us being not only the United States but all of the free world counting Canada, England and other country’s. and now I ask for you to take this moment out of this day and think about ‘where you were when the world stopped turning on the September day’ Alan Jackson (an other great song about 11 Sep 2001) but take this moment and think about that then think about how often you pray to god for the soldier’s, marine’s, airman, and seaman who has said I will defend this great nation that we call the US. And remember we are all volunteers no one has ever told us we had to!!!!! And how about doing this one airman a favor and not pray for me but pray for the ones be hide the lines the one’s who are taking the war to the ones who wants to kill us pray for them and think about them all day long. And thank god such people live. And always remember if you know someone over in the sandbox or even anywhere besides home write to them because one little letter saying thank you can go a long way’s. And I would like to say thank you to everyone who has said that to me. I think this is good for tonight. I am going to go pray for my brother’s and sister’s now, so god bless all of you. And good night.


  1. John, I remember. I will always remember. And there are enough prayers out there to include you. You are in my thoughts often.I am sorry yo had a bad week. But it will make you stronger. Have a good week my friend.

  2. John...I truly love your message today. It is such a great reminder, which can't be mentioned too often. I spoke with Lin at Selby's after Service this morning, he will work with me to get packages over to our soldiers. Once Marie has the baby, I'll follow up with him and we will go full speed ahead!
    I love you! ~Mom

  3. I was in my Russian Political Science class and I do believe the whole world stood still the moment I saw it.

  4. John, I got your Thank You note today. I am thinking you didn't recognize my name. I am the mom who took you out to lunch at the Olive Garden when I was there for my daughters graduation. At any rate, you are welcome and I hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

  5. John,

    I will never forget 9-11. I was horrified when I arrived at my daughter's to watch my grandsons. She met me at the door and told me what was happening. It was unbelieveable and people all over the world were in shock.

    Thank you for serving. Without the heroes like you, we would live in a much different world.

    Be safe. You are in my prayers.


  6. I am from Poland - 11/9 it was a day when my heart stopped. All the world declared its own solidarity for America. But what of it. Did not pass several months and again people returned to the old criticism.My life do not direct of temporary circumstantial emotions. I love America not therefore becouse of is rich or strong - but therefore that people live there with great great hearts . Americans straight and brightly look into the future. One God know how many times in my own thoughts I wanted to be as Superman which to catch and to bring safely on the earth every from these persons jumping from windows of hight of 80 floors of WTC. I know that this sounds naively - but And dont care.Believe me.

    anyway - thanks for your blog

    - becouse unfortun. I cant find any of your email address - I am sending you by this way a little gift to all your readers ( and to you too )
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    all the best John

    - from the end of the world - Poland .