Monday, February 16, 2009

Sitting on my bed and thinking

Well I was sitting on my bed tonight and just thinking of this blog. Wow it has been a little bit since I was able to up date everyone on what is going on with me. Well where should I start? Ok well this last week I have been on BO which is Bay Orderly which sucks a lot all we were doing were picking up cig. butts and the thing that gets me is I don’t eve smoke so yea I didn’t like it one bit but after all I did join the US Air Force and I guess I have to do what I am told no matter how much I don’t like it. Well I ended up buying another car. Ok maybe it was a truck ok fine it is a piece of shit truck but the hillbilly express runs. She is a 89 Ford F250 and has a 94 Ford 7.3 diesel and I paid about 1900 for her. And yes I do have two cars now lol. My best friend left today for OTS from here so good luck sir. And I wish you the best as you open join the army. For me I am falling for a great friend who is stationed at Fort Meade and she is active duty Air Force. And you know who you are ;) That is it for now so every one have a great night and I will post some more stuff later and if I find out how to post picture I will post pictures of my truck. So everyone have a great night and a great few days so until next time bye y’all.


  1. LOL... Love that hillbilly express truck of yours. Can I borrow it sometime? :) It would be right at home here in the boonies of Ky.
    But I must warn you that the 7.3 diesel engines did have problems with the freeze plugs. Just make sure that you keep the dipstick heater going when it's really really cold.

  2. John...Woo-Hoo! You figured out how to upload pictures!
    Congrats again on the 'new-to-you' truck. Thanks to Ky for the heads up on the freeze plugs! I'm certain that little bit of info will save you a small chunk of change over time!
    Have a good week, Son.
    I love you!

  3. WOW, that really is a POS truck. But trim the seats and buy a seat cover and it will look (and feel) a whole lot better. I think that everyone needs to have a POS at least once in their life. (Some of us didn't learn with the first one, HAHA). It makes you appreciate when you do get a new car. Good luck with the gal at Ft. Meade.

  4. Guess this means you know how to post pics now. LOL.
    I love the name Hillbilly Express. And can not wait to hear more about the young lady at Ft. Meade.

    God Bless,

  5. Thanks everyone and I will keep y'all updated on everything.

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