Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Back... Kindof

Good evening everyone,
Sorry I was falling behind a with a few things due to work and all... but I'm back i hope lol. wow its been along time. Today we welcomed home an Airman an Hero... TSgt Campbell. He was KIA'ed on 15 Dec 09 in Afghanistan. My prays will be with his family and friends through this Christmas. But whats new with me huh??? not much working for a full bird Col. and enjoying life the best i can. Hope all is well with everyone else... MARRY CHRISTMAS all and an HAPPY NEW YEARS if i can't get on before then :).

1 comment:

  1. Good to read your words, once again!
    My prayers have been lifted for the family and friends of TSgt Campbell since you first told me of this sadness.
    Hopefully, Chief will arrive home in the next couple of days. He spent an unexpected New Years Eve at Ramstein. My hope is he arrives safely on U.S. soil soon!
    Love you!