Monday, January 26, 2009

Congratulations, Good luck, and Happiness

Today I was informed by Airman Terpening a very close airman/friend of mine that his OTS board is tomorrow and I would like to say GOOD LUCK sir. You will be just fine after all my self and airman Johnson did spend about 3 or so hours shining your shoes so you will be just fine. Good Luck to Airman Johnson as this chapter of your life is slowly closing on you with your discharge but opening a new and exciting chapter is in store for you. Also good luck goes out to my brother who is deployed for a very short deployment but good luck anyways bro. Now with the happiness hey ‘Eri Bear’ only a few more days until your newest part of your family is here for you to hold. I would also like to say happiness too my self because I am almost done with my CDC’s (I hope) but now with the Congratulations, Congratulations to my ex-girlfriend with her new chapter of her life she is starting with an engagement. I guess that falls under all three that are above Congratulations on it, good luck (in a good way) on your new chapter and happiness if your happy that is what counts. Also good luck as Airman Risco (Newbie) had some teeth removed your doing great but stoned lol. Also good luck to all that is has deployed is deployed and getting ready to deploy. I know I am forgetting a few people and I am sorry about that but you know that I am thinking of all of you tonight and all of my life. So great job everyone and good night.


  1. John,

    Just dropping in to see how things are with you. I read your previous post and it was awesome. Left a comment there.

    Be safe. I keep you in my prayers.


  2. well everything is good with me, this week is just moving way to fast it is already tuesday and I off work to tomorrow so it is just moving fast.

  3. John...WOW! So much going on, you're not in Poolesville anymore!
    My prayers and good wishes to all of your brother Airman... may God bless them, may He protect them and give them strength! I'm on my way to Marie's this morning, we have a serious snow event brewing and she wants to make certain I am on her side of the mountain! Hopefully, I will call you with news of your newest niece in the next couple of days! Both she and your brother are in need of our prayers!
    I love you, my son!

  4. Hey keep up the great attitude. A good attitude can take you very far in this life. I sometimes get in trouble because I am always in a good mood. Thanks

  5. John,
    Welcome to the blogging world. I will keep all of your Airman brothers and sisters along with your birth brother and sister in my thoughts.


  6. John, Can I ask what an OTS is? Luck is wished to all your fellow airman in their new phases of life. Congrats on the CDC's. I know it is hard to dedicate all that study time when you hoped you were done with school. It will be worth it when you are finished.

  7. OTS is Officer Training School. well I haven't passed my CDC's yet lol but I should. and thank you everyone for the prayers.